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What we do

We help you earn money by giving you access to the international markets where you can buy and sell foreign currencies (EUR, GBP, JPY) and commodities (Gold, Silver, Oil)… that too from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere in between. All you need is a smartphone, tablet or a laptop along with your internet connection.

Why trade in Forex Market

Most Liquid Market

Forex market is the most liquid market in the world. It means that you can liquidate your holdings whenever you like whether it is in the day or night. You don’t need to wait in order to sell something you have bought.

Open 24 hours

Market is open round the clock. You can buy or sell anything you like at the time of your choice. No other market in the world gives you such an ease.

Most traded items

Foreign Currencies are the most traded items in the world with an Average Daily Turnover of over 5 trillion USD.

Presence of a Market Maker

Presence of a market maker means that all your orders are guaranteed to be executed regardless of what the circumstances may be.

Real-time trade settlement

Real-time trade settlement means that all the trades you open and close are settled in real time (without any delay).

Sell before you Buy

One of the biggest advantage of trading in forex market is that you can sell an item before even buying it. This functionality allows you to make money even when the price is going down.

Why trade with us

Commission-free trading

Trade Fox has always strived to be unique in its business dynamics. One of the key advantages of trading with us is that we don’t charge you any commissions on the trades you place using our platform.

Competitive spreads

While trading with trade fox, you will witness some of the lowest spreads in the industry with minimum spread as little as just 1 pip.

Award Winning Platforms

Our clients get to use the world’s most popular forex trading platform i.e. Meta Trader 4. Meta Trader 4 is available to use across all the platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android.

Free deposits and withdrawals

There is no deposit/withdrawal fee charged on the amounts you deposit into or withdraw from your trading accounts. That means you can feel free to move money in or out of your trading account whenever you like, without fearing about any kind of deductions whatsoever.

Segregated Funds

One of the key benefits of trading with trade fox is that all your investments are guaranteed to be safe and secure. Amounts you deposit into your trading account are kept in segregated sub accounts maintained with the bank. That means the money you deposit or withdraw goes into and comes from your own account.

100% Tax Free

There is nothing like Capital Gains Tax (CGT) or Income Tax charged on your profits. All your investments and profits are legally entitled to be tax free forever.

Other Free Ad-Ons

Complimentary Account Opening in Skrill

Applying for an account with trade fox entitles you to get a free account opened in Skrill MoneyBookers which enables you to deposit and withdraw money into and from your trading account with ease. Skrill is like your own e-wallet which you can use to make and receive payments online.

Free Educational and Training Sessions

All the training and education related to forex market and forex trading is provided free of cost. At trade fox, we will enable you to learn how to trade forex from your mobile, tablet or laptop. The more educated our community members, the stronger and mightier our trading community.

Round the clock Trade Support

We are here to help and guide you whenever you are in a confusion or trouble regarding your forex trading activities. Feel free to contact us through phone, email or whatsapp and we will more than happy to assist you.

Access to our trade groups on WhatsApp and Facebook – FREE*

Once you become a member of trade fox, you are instantly added to our trade groups on WhatsApp and Facebook. In these groups, you will get all the trading signals and suggestions and you just have to follow those signals and place your trades accordingly. Profits are all yours.

Institutional Analysis – FREE*

Being a member of trade fox, you will receive the views and analysis of World’s largest Financial Institutions directly in your inbox. This will help you understand what the biggest players in the market think about the currencies you are planning to trade.

Technical Analysis – FREE*

Our own team of experienced technical analysts prepares a daily technical report mentioning different price levels which guide you where to buy and sell a currency or commodity pair. Profits are all yours.

Personalized trading suggestions – FREE*

You can also opt for our personalized trading suggestions. These suggestions are focused on your individual account and customized to best suit your personal investment objectives.

Personal Account Management – FREE*

If you do not have free time for trading, we are here to help. We can manage your trading on your behalf while you relax and count your profits.

* For limited time only.

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